WELCOME TO WEDGEFIELD - A Deed Restricted Community

Firewise May Update

On Saturday, April 9th, Orange County Fire Rescue and Florida Forest Service battled a wildfire of approximately 20 acres in the area of Ortega and Paddock Streets.  The Orange County Sheriff’s Office assisted in directing traffic.  It took about 3 hours to contain this fire however it was monitored over night.  No injuries were reported however some residents had damage on their property.

This is a reminder for everyone to be careful about using grills, discarding of matches or parking vehicles on grass, all which could start a fire.  In last month’s article, you were reminded to create defensible space around your structures, allowing firefighters room to access a fire and put it out.  Please consider these suggestions again, as we are in a dry period at this time, with a lot of fuel on the ground.  There is the danger of another fire that may be harder to contain and could be near your home.   Remember there are no fire hydrants in the estate area (the lots that are 1 acre or larger).   The water to fight a fire has to be brought to the fire by tanker truck, usually obtaining it from the large canals.

Wedgefield, has been a Firewise Community for over 15 years.  We were among the first 7 communities in the United States to become Firewise.  During that time I have been honored to lead this great group as we tried to educate the residents about wildfires and how to protect their property.  I no longer live in Wedgefield and feel that it is time for new leadership by a Wedgefield resident.   If you care about this community, like I have,  this is a great opportunity to volunteer your time and energy to this worthwhile cause.  Even though, I am retiring from this position, I will continue to give Wedgefield Firewise my support as I hope you will.

Thank you.
Mary Prescott, Chair