WELCOME TO WEDGEFIELD - A Deed Restricted Community

Wedgefield Yard of the Month – May 2017

Due to the current drought most lawns were brown but we were able to find a lush green lawn at the home of Michael & Jeannie McDonough. You can visit this well-manicured winner at 18700 Newburg St.

The new owners have been at this location for 9 months but they have maintained a beautiful healthy yard & landscape. You will find Sabal Palms lining the circular driveway. There are also Queen Palms set off by Variegated Schefflera & mixed with red dye plants for color. On the west side, for shade, they have large Oak tree & a colorful mix of annuals. Congratulations to this month’s winner!

Our runners up were at 5733 Edgerton, 18408 Starry, 6048 Dolphin & 18742 Robertson. We applaud all of these homeowners on all of their hard work. We encourage the entire community to put the effort into your yard. It could be your home that will be the next winner.

In the April newsletter, I reported the wrong address for the yard of the month. The correct address is 19613 Mardi Gras. I offer an apology to Mrs. and Mr. Grey, The Yard of the Month Committee is very sorry. Ruth Oliver