WELCOME TO WEDGEFIELD - A Deed Restricted Community


NeighborhoodWatchDuring the last half of OCTOBER to the present date of NOVEMBER 12, 2016 based on Orange County Sheriff’s crime statistics listed on the OCSO web site we have had NO reported crimes in the past 30 days.

In spite of the lack of OCSO published reports we continue to a crime busy 30 days. I received several calls about stolen TRUMP election signs Halloween night. We have had 3 vehicles burglarized on Albion in the Villas, I also got a call about a vehicle being vandalized with tires slashed and hood keyed on Abby in the 2200 Block. And then there was the photo shoot involving 2 teens dressed in black , one armed with a long gun and a mother with a camera, that occurred under the 528 overpass near Starry and created a bit of a panic for residents exiting 528 on Dallas. It was responded to in just less than 30 minutes which seemed like an eternity for those reporting the frightening scene. Fortunately, no one was injured but with law enforcement on high alert and a gun being involved the possibility for serious injury or death existed. Last report I had all were on the ground handcuffed, I assume they were released with some stern words of caution.
Response time is of concern and it is imperative that we call OCSO in a timely manner on each and every crime in progress or over with. The more prompt and properly reported incidents the better our opportunity for more patrols to stop some of the crimes. When reporting you need an address and a cross street. The address is important because most of our streets are in 3 sections. Streets West of Dallas have addresses in the 18,000 series; the streets between Dallas and Bancroft have addresses in the 19,000 series; and the streets East of Bancroft including the City area have addresses in the 20,000 series.
On a different note residents are reminded that we never open our door until we know who is on the other side and then only if we want to talk with them. But, we always let them know that we are there. Additionally, anyone seeking help after dark and at odd hours needs the assistance of the sheriff’s office. And yes that is a call to 911 requesting a deputy so as to get them that assistance as soon as possible.
I just received a call about the recovery of a full size mountain bike from the Nettleton canal. Anyone missing same please give me a call (407) 679-6644. Please do so because it will be turned over to OCSO within a couple days if no one claims it.

Now on a happy note EVELYN RODRIGUEZ PEREZ continues to keep our Wedgefield NHW Face Book page neighborly and smooth running. Through her efforts we continue to add residents to the membership and we are now at 1398 this moment. Keep up the good work Evelyn we thank you.

To report a crime in progress, fire or medical emergency Dial 911

The number to report suspicious activity or a crime committed

Dial 407-836-HELP (4357)

After dialing the appropriate OCSO Number THEN  CALL:

PHIL UNSER at 407-679-6644 (24hrs)