WELCOME TO WEDGEFIELD - A Deed Restricted Community


The Yard of the Month Award is to inspire Wedgefield Community residents to maintain attractive and appealing front, side, and rear yards throughout the year.

The September garden of the month winner is a stunning property owned by Jennifer and Don Rider. Located at 19800 Quinella, it is a deepset lot with a pond, tennis court, and even small house on the pond for the ducks. The owners loved the property so much they choose it for their wedding site. Jennifer has been a Wedgefield resident since 2009, and they found this property in 2013. The front of the house has blue agave around the porch with splashes of color from caladiums, bromeliads, and curcuma. There is also a Peace Lilly in a wonderful container. On the side of the house you will find crepe myrtles and palm trees.
There were some beautiful honorable mentions at 19602 Peabody and 19020 Ralston.