WELCOME TO WEDGEFIELD - A Deed Restricted Community

Red Hatters September 2017

The Red, White and Blue were the theme for the July Luncheon. The Tables had Red, White and Blue table runners and your choice of red, white or blue beads along with of course candies. We all met at The Ale House up in the Waterford Mall for a really good time. Of course as Red Hatters will sometimes do, some of our ladies decided that dessert looked better than the regular lunch menu. Soooo of course they had dessert which as everyone knows is the choice of the Red Hatter. We also gave the manager quite a time he was a good sport flirting with all of the ladies. We even got him to model one of our ladies hats. Next month we will go to Sonny’s can you say yum?
Send the kids back to school with a hug before you jump up and scream “Yes! They’re gone.”


Want to get together with a lunch of really nice ladies and have some fun. See you there the last Monday of the month by calling Sylvia at 407-568-2410


The ants were in abundance when we had our picnic luncheon at Beef O’Brady’s in Titusville. The theme was a Picnic Luncheon. We had Grapes in a Basket which were passed around and the cutest ants in the world on the table to share our meal. The discussion for the meeting was what we were going to be doing for Halloween and the Christmas Holiday.

The Witches Luncheon is going on in October so you need to decide if you want to be a good witch or a bad witch and dress appropriately. Half of the fun of the Red Hats is dressing up and acting the way you feel . After all we deserve it. We have all acted the way society decided that we needed to act and now is our time to say NO WAY.