WELCOME TO WEDGEFIELD - A Deed Restricted Community

Green Thumb Garden Club

On July 7, The Wedgefield Green Thumb Garden Club had a speaker who gave an informative and amusing presentation on bonsai trees. Lois Kiss explained to us how to start, plant, water, what tools we should use; her talk showed what an expert she is.  She brought books, magazines and personal photos as well.

Sylvia Cox arranged this topic and brought door prizes AND dessert.  At the time for drawing for the door prizes of plants, Sylvia explained that her friend Lois, always won something.  Sylvia was right, as usual.  Additionally, Paula Harris, Linda Ariboca and Alan Smith won a plant.

Next month the topic will be herbs and their usage.  The presenters will be Connie Shepherd, a Master Gardener and  Linda Ariboca who aspires to become an M.G.  They encouraged members to bring ideas of how to use herbs in cooking or otherwise.

Janis Thaw encouraged everyone to bring seeds, starters, and “baby” plants to share.

We have been bringing books and magazines to “trade”.  There was one new member who is also new to Wedgefield. Her name is Doreen Morgan and she has just moved into The Reserves.

Join us ladies and gentlemen at our next meeting on August 4 at The Wedgefield Golf Club.  Learn something new and have lunch!  See you at 11:00 a.m.