WELCOME TO WEDGEFIELD - A Deed Restricted Community

CERT UPDATE – February 2017

On January 28th, members of the Wedgefield CERT will join other CERT groups from various sections of Orange County for an all day training session.

Mr. John Knott, Emergency Coordinator – Orange County Amateur Radio Emergency Services will explain how Amateur Ham Operators will assist CERT in times of a disaster. Dan Niederman, the Logistic Section Chief, Region 5, State Medical Response Team will also speak.
The teams will participate in The Incident Command System training followed by a drill to insure that all members are ready to take command in the event of a hurricane or other disasters. CERT members need continuous training to insure their readiness.

The Wedgefield CERT needs a volunteer or volunteers to take on the task of scheduling training for the team.

Any member interested please contact Helen Unser punser@cfl.rr.com or (407) 568-9659.