WELCOME TO WEDGEFIELD - A Deed Restricted Community

Green Thumb Garden Club – Yard of the Month September 2016

septThe judges of September “Yard of the Month”, met on Saturday September third and began our search in the area of Bancroft to Dallas and South end of Peabody to Sable. We found our winner early in our search and were able to make comparisons based on how nice we found our winner. 19024 Peabody has a restful designed landscape with touches of interest lightly interspersed.

We first noted how calm the design was. A mass of blooming plumbago was to the left and Mexican petunia surrounded a large oak which also had  variegated ivy climbing the oak with blooming bromeliads also climbing the tree. The owners of the home is Mr and Mrs David Demianovich, this is one of several homes they have lived in over 30 years of living in Wedgefield. In front of their home is a hedge of Snow on the Mountain a few species of aegopodium podaria. From a distance it shines at the top very nicely, when we got closer one could see the color and interest it had.

Mr. Demianovich also grows ginger cone around another tree and in the backyard he has many assorted flowers blooming.
Honorable mentions are 19317 Peabody and also 19024 Sabal.