WELCOME TO WEDGEFIELD - A Deed Restricted Community

Neighborhood Watch – December 2017/January 2018


During the last half of DECEMBER to the present date of January 10, 2018 based on Orange County Sheriff’s crime statistics and individual reports not yet reflected in the statistics there was ONE residential burglary on MAJESTIC in the 20500 block. And this occurred on the 12th of December.

A little history our NHW has been in existence since 2007. It took over 5 years (2002 to 2007) to get enough residents interested to give their phone numbers so we could have NHW signs put up. During the time leading up to that date (even though NHW is not part of the HOA) and for every Wedgefield HOA meeting since, time has been allocated to NHW as part of an ongoing effort to keep our community informed on crime watch matters ( a NHW open floor meeting).

Last Tuesday night at the HOA meeting I experienced a sense of community commitment to stop the rowdy acts and solve other issues that we are experiencing in the park. I am looking forward to our meeting at 1 PM January 13, 2018 to continue the discussion in our Wedgefield Park at 20425 Mansfield Street. We discussed some of the comments in the park Face Book post that some do not want to call OCSO because they do not respond or do nothing when they do respond.

We have to realize there are limits to what each resource can do. NHW has no authority, COP has no authority, the only authority that exists rests in the hands of OCSO and their hands are limited by their directives which often require them to see the incident before any action can be taken. The more calls to OCSO to report valid incidents brings our plight to their attention.

When placing a “Call for Service to OCSO” one needs to have an address and nearest cross street to assist the responding deputy. The caller should also state that they want to meet with the deputy. By meeting with the deputy you can obtain the case number thus insuring that incident is recorded.

Unfortunately some incidents are not being noted and the end result managed resources are not applied to the issue. In other words the more recorded calls on an issue gets better responses from OCSO.

Special thanks to Denise Grage our NHW Face Book Coordinator for keeping our NHW Face Book page neighborly and smooth running. Through her efforts we continue to add residents to the membership and we are now at 1663 at this moment. Keep up the good work Denise we thank you.

Now let us all be good neighbors and make the effort to be observant and take appropriate action “SEE SOMETHING – SAY SOMETHING”

To report a crime in progress, fire or medical emergency Dial 911. The number to report suspicious activity or a crime committed Dial 407-836-HELP (4357).

After dialing the appropriate OCSO Number:

PLEASE THEN CALL PHIL UNSER at 407-679-6644 (24hrs). This helps Phil to keep an accounting of what is happening in our neighborhood and make sure that these reports stay accurate and up-to-date.