WELCOME TO WEDGEFIELD - A Deed Restricted Community


The Yard of the Month Award is to inspire Wedgefield Community residents to maintain attractive and appealing front, side, and rear yards throughout the year. It was a hard decision for the July Committee to decide. All of the properties in the designated area have big lots, which require more effort to create landscape, as well as maintain. Therefore, several of them were chosen for “Honorable Mention”.

The Green Thumb Garden Club is pleased to announce that the August Yard of the Month winners are Edwin and Nelsie Martinez at 20798 Racine. Seeking more tropical weather, they purchased and moved in on October 2016 from Pennsylvania. Nelsie describes the home as God sent, based on the area and great neighbors. Working outside and tending to her landscape is something Nelsie very much enjoys. Their well kept and beautiful garden reflects their happiness with their new home.

The Martinez landscaping is impeccably manicured. The plants are all well chosen and very healthy, including a well kept green lawn. Among the wide variety of ornamental plants, you could find, Ixora, crepe myrtles, sego palms, queen palms, hibiscus, holly bush, among many others. We had an opportunity to view the garden in detail, and noticed that everything was clear of weeds, even behind bushes. Nelsie charmingly greeted us, and showed us the pool area, where they have two large beds of blooming flowers, facing the side street. The house is located on the corner of Abney and Racine, and the landscaping is also amazingly well kept on the Abney side, where many bright blooming Ixoras are showcased. We applaud The Martinez’ for having done an excellent job!

Congratulations also go to the following homes’s landscaping well deserved Honorable Mention:
3335 Archer, 3459 Abalon, 20258 Quinella, 20825 Quinn, 20058 Ralston