WELCOME TO WEDGEFIELD - A Deed Restricted Community

Wedgefield School Supply List 2016-17

• Backpack (large enough for folders, no wheels)
• Plastic Water Bottle with your child’s name on it (No metal bottles please)
• Complete change of clothes in a Ziploc bag labeled with your child’s name
• 2-3 pronged plastic folders
Number 2 pencils
• Plastic Rectangular Pencil Box labeled with your child’s name (Regular size-No pencil bags please)
• Expo markers
• 1 pair fisher scissors ((blunt tip)
2 Boxes of 24 Count Crayola Crayons
• 2 Boxes of 10 Count Crayola Washable Markers, Classic Colors, Broad Line
• Tissues
• Glue sticks
• Hand sanitizer
• Baby wipes
• Clorox/Lysol wipes
• Anti- Bacterial Soap
Wish list:
• Copy paper – white and colored
• Lysol Spray
• Stickers for girls, boys, or unisex
• Toys for the Treasure Box
• Ziploc Quart Size Bags
• Ziploc Gallon Size Bags

1 backpack (prefer no wheels, big enough to hold folders)
2 packages Baby Wipes
1 package Lysol/Clorox Wipes
1 Space Maker plastic School Box (8” x 5”)
1 Zipper Pouch (with 3 holes to insert in a folder)
3 plastic Folders with prongs and pockets
1 pair of Fiskar Scissors
4 boxes (24 count) Crayola crayons
12 Elmer’s Glue Sticks
2 packages of wooden Pencils (sharpened)
1 package Expo Dry Erase Markers
1 box Crayola Washable Markers
2 bottles hand sanitizer
2 boxes of tissues
1 Mead Primary Journal Creative Story tablet
1 black/white composition notebook
1 package large erasers

Requested donations that we will put to good use during our year:

• Copy paper, white and colored
• Elmer’s Glue Bottle
• Crayola Colored pencils
• Anti-bacterial hand soap
• Band aids
• Clipboard
• Watercolor paints
• Ziploc bags (any size)
• Clorox/Lysol wipes

3- Plastic Folders with 3 fasteners and pockets- {Green/Red/Blue}
48- #2 Pencils {Pre Sharpened Preferred- No Mechanical}
1- Supply Box
3- 1 Subject Spiral Notebooks – {wide rule}
1- 1 1⁄2” Heavy Duty 3 Ring Binder with a plastic view finder in front
1- Pair of Student Scissors (Fiskar Preferred)
2- Packs of Elmer’s Glue Sticks
2-Large Pink Erasers {Or more}
1-Box of Cap Erasers
3- Boxes of 24 Count Crayons
1-Box of Crayola Colored Pencils
1-Bottle of Elmer’s Liquid White Glue
1- Box of Crayola Washable Thick Markers
2- Primary Lined Composition Book (These have space at the top of each page to draw)
1- Box of Kleenex Tissue (or any other brand)
1- 12 oz. Bottle of Hand Sanitizer with Pump
1- container of Lysol/Clorox Disinfecting Wipes
1-Pack of Thick Expo Dry Erase Markers (pack of 4)
1-Backpack (no wheels please)

Teacher’s Wish List (Optional Items)

Sandwich Size Ziploc Baggies

Gallon Size Ziploc Baggies

Copy Paper (white and colored)

1 Plastic Pocket Folder with prongs of each color: blue, green, red, orange
2 Spiral Wide Ruled Notebooks (70ct)
2 Wide Rule Composition Notebooks (100ct)
1 Pack of Wide Ruled Notebook Paper
One 1 ½ inch 3 Ring Binder with Clear View front pocket
1 Pack of Index Dividers 8Tab (for the binder)
1 Pair Fiskars 5” Scissors
1 Pack of Fine Tipped Washable Markers (8ct)
1 Pack of Colored Pencils (12ct)
2 Packs of Crayons (24ct)
1 Plastic School Box (8×5)
1 Bottle of Liquid Glue (4oz)
12 Glue Sticks
24 Yellow #2 Pencils (sharpened)
2 Boxes of Tissues
2 Pink Bevel Erasers
1 Pack of Dry Erase Markers (4pk)
1 Yellow Highlighter
1 Pair of Headphones
1 Bottle of Hand Sanitizer
Boys: 1 Box of Reclosable Gallon Bags (20ct)
1 Container of Clorox Wipes
Girls: 1 Box of Reclosable Sandwich Bags (50ct)
1 Container of Baby Wipes
Additional donations
Copy paper – White and Colored
Clorox/Lysol wipes

1 1/2 inch HEAVY DUTY VIEW binder
1 package of 5 tab index dividers with pockets
2: 3 SUBJECT wide ruled notebooks with PLASTIC covers
3 PLASTIC folders with pockets and prongs (ex: Mead 5 Star Notebook) Red, Blue, & Green
1 pair of 5” sharp scissors
1 box of 24 Crayola crayons
1 box 12 count pre-sharpened colored pencils
1 pair of headphones
2 boxes of tissues
12 glue sticks
1 nylon pencil bag with 3 holes (so it can go in the binder)
24 pre-sharpened No. 2 wood pencils
1 pack of WIDE RULED filler paper
1 box of Expo markers (thin is preferred)
3 highlighters- variety of colors
1 black fine tip Sharpie Marker
2 containers Clorox/Lysol wipes
4 large pink erasers
1 box of Band-Aids

1 box of quart Ziploc Bags
1 package of white copy paper
*1 box of gallon Ziploc bags
*1 container of hand sanitizer


1 Fiskars 7’’ Sharp Scissors
6 Elmer’s Small (6 Gram) Glue Stick
1 Fluorescent Yellow Highlighter
1 Fluorescent Pink Highlighter
36 #2 Pre-Sharpened Pencil
1 Crayola Wash Fine Tip Classic Markers 8 CT
1 Crayola 7’’ Colored Pre-Sharpened Pencils 12 CT
1 Crayola Wash Thick Classic Markers 8 CT
1 Crayola Crayons 16 CT
1 1-inch Avery Heavy Duty White View D-Ring Binder
2 Yellow Pocket Only Folder 3/Hole
2 Red Pocket Only Folder 3/Hole
2 Blue Pocket Only Folder 3/Hole
7 Wide Rule Assorted Color Marble Composition Book (B,G,R,P)
1 Wide Rule 8 x 10.5 Filler Paper 200 CT
2 4×6 Index Cards, Lined On One Side (100 CT)
1 Nylon Pencil Bag, Clear Top w. Grommet 7.25 x 10.25
1 box of tissues
1 pair of headphones or ear buds
1 bottle hand sanitizer
Wish list:
Copy paper – white and colored
Clorox/Lysol wipes

2- Boxes of pre-sharpened no. 2 pencils
1-Headphones or earbuds
1-Box of Pencil top erasers
1-Box of tissues
1-Bottle of Antibacterial Hand Soap
2-Containers of Clorox Wipes
1 -Bottle of Hand Sanitizer
1-Package of Wide Ruled Paper
1-1 1/2” Binder with Clear Pocket View
1-Package of Highlighters
1-Manual Pencil Sharpener
1-Package of EXPO Dry Erase Markers
1-Box of 12 Colored Pencils
1-Clear Three-holes plastic Pencil Pouch (can fit into a binder)
1-Black Sharpie Marker
3-Composition Notebooks
5-Plastic 2-pocket Folders with metal prongs in green, yellow, orange, blue, & purple
Requested Donations:
Copy Paper – white and colored
Clorox/Lysol wipes

**Additional items may be requested per subject during the first week of class.
Backpack w/laptop sleeve
Headphones or earbuds
Mouse (wireless USB recommended)
Flash drive
Screen Cleaning cloths or wipes
Stylus 8.
5 two pocket prong folders
2 Composition Notebook
Loose leaf paper
Disinfecting Wipes
Hand Sanitizer