WELCOME TO WEDGEFIELD - A Deed Restricted Community


Wedgefield NHW is strictly watch and report. No pursuit, No patrol, No confrontation, JUST WATCH and REPORT. During the last half of NOVEMBER to the present date of DECEMBER 11, 2017 based on Orange County Sheriff’s crime statistics and individual reports not yet reflected in the statistics there has not been any reported crimes. The last burglary was on ORTEGA in the 19500 block. And this occurred on the 31st of October. We continue to have issues with dirt bikes in and around the park.

Recent signage posted at the park tells us what to do if things are not right at the park. Please if you observe criminal activity do call OCSO, remember this is our community park and we do not want it ruined by inconsiderate individuals. The park is closed at sunset and those who violate that could be trespassed.

I have had 2 complaints about people burning in their back yards and leaving the burn unattended. My position has always been if you see smoke look for flames and if you see unattended fire it is 911. Seriously we need to be extremely careful during the dry season.

For those of us who were here for the fire near the school know how fast and serious fire in Wedgefield is with our vegetation.

For those who are not receiving NHW emails please fill out the form in our December News Letter or click here to download form. As time goes on email addresses change and registered NHW membership may lapse. Of course once a member the watch and report requirements remain.

On a different note this is the time of year when we make personal resolutions and when we take the time to thank those who have contributed to our wonderful community. A big thanks goes to Ranger Drainage for keeping us dry, our own Fire Station 86 and the fire fighters for their medical and fire protection service, our HOA’s for keeping our subdivision neat and presentable, our Golf Community and restaurant for being open 7 days a week, and of course those that have advertized in and contributed to our News Letter along with our webmaster Diana Turk, and our numerous “Admins” that insure our Wedgefield Face Book web sites are neighborly. Special thanks to Denise Grage our NHW Face Book Coordinator for keeping our NHW Face Book page neighborly and smooth running. Through her efforts we continue to add residents to the membership and we are now at 1660 at this moment. Keep up the good work Denise we thank you. Not to be missed hopefully everyone will have a safe and joyous holiday season as we welcome 2018.


To report a crime in progress, fire or medical emergency Dial 911. The number to report suspicious activity or a crime committed Dial 407-836-HELP (4357).

After dialing the appropriate OCSO Number:

PLEASE THEN CALL PHIL UNSER at 407-679-6644 (24hrs). This helps Phil to keep an accounting of what is happening in our neighborhood and make sure that these reports stay accurate and up-to-date.