WELCOME TO WEDGEFIELD - A Deed Restricted Community

Wedgefield Kids are Great! – Aden Bush and Kai Lawrence

5starAden Bush is 13 years old & will be attending The Wedgefield School.

He is in 8th grade which will make him part of the 1st graduating class. He loves soccer & is on a soccer team. He also played on the Corner Lake Middle School soccer team & this year will be playing soccer for the Wedgefield School soccer team. His favorite subject is science. He loves the show “Walking Dead”. Aden is an honor roll student and is in the Junior National Honor Society.

Aden’s 8 year old brother, Kai Lawrence, will also be going to the new school and is going into the 3rd grade. Kai also loves to play soccer & is on an Academy team. He loves Lego’s & playing video games. Kai’s favorite subject is math & he also made the honor roll at Columbia his last semester. Kai wants to attend medical school & become a doctor. He told his mother he wants to help people get better.

The boy’s parents are Jaimie & Michael Lawrence and Joel & Janis Thaw are the proud grandparents.

If you know of any other rewarding children email sylviathd@att.net.

(Children are our future)