WELCOME TO WEDGEFIELD - A Deed Restricted Community


The Wedgefield Green Thumb Garden Club began with a business meeting. Janis Thaw suggested that we move our meetings to the first Monday of the month, the motion was seconded and approved. This change will begin in September; however, the first Monday in September is Labor Day so we will meet on the second Monday. And we will meet in the dining room instead of the smaller room we have been using.
Additionally a new committee has been established to advise the landscaper at the Wedge: Heather Crowley, Connie Shepherd, Linda Alberico, Karen Syed, Janis Thaw.
Our Norma Halberg chose the topic SEEDS for her presentation! All green plants and all animals come from seed the size of a speck of pepper to a coconut! We should all recycle our plants by using their seeds. She also recommends our using recycled containers in which to start them.
One way to start them is to scarify them (this means to cut them open), you may also place tiny seeds on damp paper towels in your recycled container; when they sprout open you may move them to a larger container on a paper towel or plant them in soil…depending on their size. And, you may need to use a tool (tweezers or a kitchen utensil). When they are large enough, place them outside in a relatively protected area. Consider their sun and water needs. Soon, they should be to take their place among other plants with similar requirements.
Another recycling of plants may come by using cuttings and a product similar to Root Tone. Utilizing the Green House Effect is further way.
Something else to keep in mind are the positive physical aspects of gardening, bending, twisting, reaching, lifting, moving around the water hose, etc.
Norma reminded us to talk regularly to our plants to encourage them grow and bloom and to threaten them if they don’t!
Norma gave us all a list of plants to use here and a package of seeds or a plant she started for everyone.
Anna Rodriguez gave us additional ideas to help plants-gallon cans with holes punched in the bottom for drainage and holes on the side for stringing them up to use them as a hanging planter, she also painted them. She advised using egg cartons for startings. Carmen Scanlan brought huge starts of sage to give; they were from her garden.

My July inspirational poem follows.

No doubt that July is a beautiful summer month.
It is the year’s best month and is named after Julius Caeser Himself! …….. Anonymous

Next month, Shirley Hagan and Adelaide Cantaina will present Sharing Our Gardens and How to Make Compost.
Ruth Oliver