WELCOME TO WEDGEFIELD - A Deed Restricted Community


Green Thumb Garden ClubThe club members met on June 1st at the Wedgefield Country Club. The business meeting was short and the program presented by Carmen Scallan was very informative. She spoke on the care of roses and how to make cuttings for new plants. Almost every member was given a cutting in a terrarium. She also gave out pages of handouts of information on roses. Great job Carmen, we all learned a lot.

Next month our program will be presented by Norma Hallberg on propagating plants from seeds & plant cuttings. This should be another excellent program. We are also very fortunate to have hard working & knowledgeable members to contribute to our garden club, the members keep our club the best it could be.

Thank you to all our members. Our club is made up of women & occasionally men who are interested in gardening. However, it is also a social event we all look forward to attending each month. Janis Thaw, founder & President.