WELCOME TO WEDGEFIELD - A Deed Restricted Community


On a rainy April day, the Wedgefield Green Thumb Garden Club met at the Wedgefield Golf Club. The April showers had just stopped when Alma Hardy and Brenda Higgins gave a presentation on aloe vera and agave plants.  The Ladies served us two drinks (no, not tequilla which does come from the agave)~agave syrup [which most of us found to be delicious} and aloe vera [which most of us found to be vile].  In spite of the unpleasant taste of the aloe vera,  Alma and Brenda told us of many positive side effects brought upon ingesting this juice.
Aloe accelerates the healing of burns, reduces dental plaque, contains antioxdant and antibacterial properties, as well as containing folic acid.  Used topically aloe can improve skin and hair.  One of our members told of freezing a piece of aloe and using it on fire ant bites which stops any reaction. WOW!  They also gave us aloe plants.
The Garden Club will be assisting the Wedgefield School in their requests for various donations.
Carmen Scanlon has put together a Wedgefield Garden Club website for us on Facebook.  Look for it soon!  The purpose of it is to share information and ask gardening questions.  Thanks to Carmen for all this work and for looking for consensus on its parameters.
Next month, Dulce Rodriguez will give a presentation on Fairy Gardens!