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Water Rate Increase – PSC input (11/14/2017 written by Pam Dimarzio)

By now everyone in the Wedgefield Pluris service area should know that the utility has requested a large rate increase. If you haven’t received a notice then please go to this link: PSC Water Increase Overview

On Nov 2nd, 2017 PSC held a Customer Meeting to solicit feedback on the rate increase.

If you did not attend please send your comments to the PSC.

Other ways to get your feedback in are: Please make sure ANY communication on the rate increase references Docket 20170166-WS then Email: contact@psc.state.fl.us and clerk@psc.state.fl.us You can also submit your comments online via e-file. http://www.psc.state.fl.us/ClerkOffice/EFilingRequirements 

The more comments the PSC receives from us, the better.

Comments need to be submitted by Dec 19th, 2017. This rate increase is considered a “limited preceding” vs. a full rate increase. It is where the utility is asking for a rate increase for specific projects. During a full rate increase, a more thorough evaluation of Pluris’ accounting is done, but not the case for a limited preceding.

The projects Pluris are seeking funds for are: water softener, main break (Maxim St), new office building and electronic water meters.


Theresa Jacobs | Mayor@ocfl.net

Betsy VanderLey | district1@ocfl.net

Bryan Nelson | district2@ocfl.net

Pete Clarke | district3@ocfl.net

Jennifer Thompson | district4@ocfl.net

Emily Bonilla | district5@ocfl.net

Victoria P. Siplin | district6@ocfl.net