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The Perez Family Has 3 Super Stars

5starMy oldest daughter Yalisaira (20) is a graduate of East River High School and is currently a sophomore at Valencia Community College. Yali will be starting UCF in the Fall and majoring in Business. She hopes to go into marketing in the fashion industry. Her hobbies are reading, catching up on the latest fashion trends and staying up nights playing on her PlayStation. Yali attends school on part-time basis and is currently babysitting until she has a more permanent schedule at UCF.

My middle child Shaylie (14) is currently a freshman at East River High School. Shaylie hopes to become an occupational and speech therapist for disabled children. Her hobbies include reading, PlayStation and painting her nails.

My youngest child Analise (9) is currently a 3rd grader at Renaissance Chickasaw Charter Elementary. Analise does not know what she wants to do yet when she grows up, she just knows that even if she gets married someday that she will always live with her parents (yeah us!). Her hobbies include reading, Soccer, PlayStation and playing with her Monster High dolls.