WELCOME TO WEDGEFIELD - A Deed Restricted Community

The Calm After the Storm

No matter what darkness we face there is always a light in the heart of it. The light can be immense or it can be tiny and sometimes difficult to see, yet, if you look very closely it is there.

Recently, our community faced the darkness of hurricane Irma, literally. Many of us were left without power for some time while we cleaned up the debris and assessed the damages. Yet, during this time of darkness, the light pervaded through our community, and that light was a reminder of the simple life and especially, togetherness.

We were left with no television, no phones, and no internet. So, many of us sat outside with our families or neighbors, talking, laughing and sharing. Some of us went walking or bike riding, played games with our families, or even fired up the barbecue. Children were outside, playing games and enjoying nature. We were left with no oven, no stove and no microwave. So, we were forced to use our creativity to produce and prepare our meals.

During this time, we were reminded of just how many resources we depend on to live, and how some of those resources can sometimes take us away from ourselves, our creativity, simple joy and togetherness. We were reminded of love. Neighbors were helping neighbors, repairing, cleaning, delivering food, giving and sharing.

There is so much love in our community and we may not know each other, talk to each other, smile or wave at each other, but when we need one another we are there, and we should never forget it now that the storm has passed.

Peace, love & happiness,
Ovita Yoga