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When we think of anti-aging, we often imagine all the expensive, revolutionary facial moisturizers and serums on the market today. We fantasize with hopes that they can actually perform the miracles in which they claim to do. Although some of these products can be good temporary fillers for lines and wrinkles, they are not actually anti-aging us as a whole. These products are only temporarily masking a small amount of the visible signs of aging on the face, and are not actually beneficial in the long run. True anti-aging resides in daily self-love and is a whole of way of living. Here are some important daily practices to stay young, fresh, and vibrant!

Daily Neck and Face Massage

A daily neck and face self massage tones and tightens the muscles, softens the skin, smooths out facial lines and wrinkles and smooths out the tissue around the eyes reducing the puffy bags. When performed daily, in the long run, this reduces years off of the face and neck! Every morning or night take a small amount of coconut oil and add a half teaspoon of turmeric (which brings out the beautiful, vibrant glow of our natural radiance) mix it together and rub a small amount of the mixture between the palms. Start with an open hand at the bottom of the chin and alternate the hands gliding downwards smoothing out the skin and muscles of the neck. Next move on to the face with open palms and glide the cheeks upwards, then using your fingers, begin to massage the face in semi-deep strokes and circular movements smoothing out the skin and muscles.

Daily Self Body Massage

Performing a daily self body massage every morning or at night immediately softens the skin, smooths out body wrinkles and stimulates the lymphatic system, reducing cellulite, increasing circulation and relaxing the muscles and tissues. It rejuvenates the mind, body and soul leading you to feel more energetic and able to complete and take on more tasks. To achieve this, take a small amount of coconut oil, you can also infuse essential oils and h herbs per your need or liking, and massage entire body limb by limb in slow circular movements, applying just the right amount of deep soothing pressure.

Drink Plenty of Water

Staying hydrated is the main key in anti-aging. When the body is dehydrated it most definitely shows through your skin. The skin becomes dry, may show signs of flaking and is more prone to wrinkling. Also when we do not drink enough water, we don’t urinate as frequently, this accumulates the toxins in our body which can lead to acne, signs of fatigue and visible signs of overall poor health. Drinking 6-8 cups throughout your day will help flush out the toxins in your system that accelerate the aging process.

Healthy Eating

Fresh fruits and vegetables are packed with the vibrant energy of the sun, and consuming these foods boosts your own bright and healthy energy to shine forth and radiate from the inside out. If you compare a bright and shiny apple to a dull and dry potato chip, you can see the difference in appearance. You can see that the apple radiates natural beauty, and it glows with health and life. These are the qualities we seek with anti-aging, so find the foods that resemble these qualities and eat, eat, eat!

Exercise Daily

Stretching and exercise keep the body young and fresh! It is important to keep the joints as lubricated as possible and we can do this with very simple daily exercises involving rotation, extension and pulsing of the joints, also by adding aloe vera to our water. It is important to keep our bones, organs and muscles strong and flexible to keep our youthful and mobile body! We can attain all of this through a dedicated daily practice of yoga / exercise.


Last but not least, meditation. The biggest anti-aging system of all! When we enter meditation through finding our breath, we calm down our nervous system, this relaxes and rejuvenates the muscles, skin and essentially every part and system of our body. It also relaxes our anxious and stressful mind which is usually a large contributor to the aging process. When we find the center of our being during meditation, we are connecting with our true nature. We are connecting with our heart, our truth, our peace, our natural beauty. When we connect with that beauty, it radiates out through the face and our entire body. The more meditation, the more beauty on the inside and on the outside! Understanding that true anti-aging is a lifestyle and not a product is the first step in anti-aging. It works from the inside out, and it works as a whole through the mind body and soul. All it takes is a little self love, acknowledgement and care. Peace, Love & enjoy the anti-aging life! Namaste,Ovita Yoga