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Pluris Water Update – Sept 13th – Hurricane Irma Aftermath

This email blast went out on Monday September 11th, 2017 as per…

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Beverly Yopp
Director, Customer Care

Dear Pluris Wedgefield Customers,

In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma we are hopeful everyone is safe and well.

We have received calls concerning potential power loss and subsequent interruption of water service in Wedgefield. This email is being sent to you to advise you on the power concern. As you know the community electrical power was lost Sunday night in the area. At that point the main generator at the Pluris Water Treatment Facility automatically turned on providing uninterrupted water service. The generator will continue to provide power until the community’s electrical service is restored by the power company.

The drinking water continues to be safe, meeting all federal and FDEP requirements.

Senior Pluris water treatment utility staff has remained at the Water Treatment Facility throughout the hurricane period to insure uninterrupted service and will remain onsite through the post hurricane period.

A number of customers have called in to report their outside residential water softeners were destroyed by wind and related falling trees and tree limbs. We have field operators in Wedgefield to address customer concerns and Pluris customer service representatives are available to provide assistance to customers reporting any problems. Please contact Customer Care at (888) 758-7471, or via email at customercare@plurisusa.com and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Although drinking water capacity is not an issue, we encourage customers to conserve water use during the next few days. Reducing wastewater from sinks, showers, laundry and dishwashers reduces the buildup in each sewer lift station that is currently without power. Pluris crews are manually pumping each lift station during the power outage to reduce the potential for overflow until power is restored. Conserving water use reduces the amount of sewer within the lift stations.

We wish you the best through the hurricane recovery process and encourage customers to follow local, state and federal emergency safety recommendations.