WELCOME TO WEDGEFIELD - A Deed Restricted Community

Notes from the Desk of the WHOA President

• Please be cautious while driving in both the city & estates areas due to the evening and night time deer crossings, my family has had three expensive encounters in the last twelve months.

• As we all know every property in Wedgefield is deed restricted and as such there are codes/covenants that must be enforced by the HOAs. In addition every property in the community is a single family residence not commercial or farm lots. Remember at any improvement to the property must be approved. (See the website)

• WHOA is not interested in collecting your hard earned money, but that is the only remediation available for the enforcement of restriction violations in fines. Florida Statutes allow fines of up to $100 per day per violation.

• Yes I’m the bad guy because the complaints stop at my desk. Please look at your property and fix the boats, parking issues, garbage containers and accumulation of junk and debris. I will always attempt to have a personal visit with you before any action is taken.

• Last items is very important to many of us because on our second amendment rights. We must all be aware of the many new homes and the danger of discharging weapons in the community. Please exercise your rights but at a safe and licensed facility.

Take care and have a wonderful month. Please write me at president@wedgefieldhomeowners.com