WELCOME TO WEDGEFIELD - A Deed Restricted Community

Neighborhood Watch Report

No pursuit, No patrol, No confrontation, JUST WATCH and REPORT.

During the last half of MARCH to the present date of APRIL 12, 2016 based on Orange County Sheriff’s crime statistics on OCSO web site we have had TWO Auto Burglaries in the 2100 Block of Albion. I am happy to say that after a full year since our Wedgefield NHW page in Face Book we are up over 950 current members.Along with the large number of members comes the problem of policing the posts.

Evelyn Rodriquez Perez has done a masterful job in doing so but she needs the help of every member. Recently we had some erroneous posts on the page about the source of the Wild Fire that we experienced on Saturday the 9th of April. I would ask that anyone who posts on any page, to be sure of the information before posting – enough on this subject.

I have received several complaints about speeding vehicles and of course NHW has no enforcement capability so I have been suggesting a call to the non-emergency number to report the occurrence. I have also recently received another number that may get better results and that number is (407) 836-0800 and that number can be called during normal working days and hours. The report will be taken and forwarded to OCSO Traffic for specific action.

We have seen this before but it still applies: with the warm weather we are going to see more of our youths taking advantage of the pleasant weather to walk the neighborhood at all hours of the day and night. Based on that and our history of automobile burglaries it is proper to issue a reminder to “BAG IT”. Doing something is as simple as using a Cloth Shopping Bag….and a habit. By removing pilferable items from our vehicles we remove the opportunity for Crime. By being lazy and complacent leaving items of value in the vehicle we create the opportunity For Crime… Also we should only Park in well lit areas when shopping in the evening.

Remember Three easy things

  1. Bag it
  2. Lock it or lose it
  3. Light it up

And always ”Make it a Habit!” Remember an unlocked vehicle will be visited and one with a valet key will usually go for a ride.

Last but not least, if you chose to walk after dark and in the street, PLEASE DO wear some item of reflective material or have some type of lighting device to warn drivers of your presence. Unlighted walkers and unlighted golf carts continue to challenge Wedgefield’s safety record. So far drivers and walkers have been lucky.

Now let us all be good neighbors and make the effort to be observant and take appropriate action


To report a crime in progress, fire or medical emergency Dial 911

The number to report suspicious activity or a crime committed Dial 407-836-HELP (4357)

After dialing the appropriate OCSO Number THEN PHIL UNSER at 407-679-6644 (24hrs)