WELCOME TO WEDGEFIELD - A Deed Restricted Community


 No pursuit, No patrol, No confrontation, JUST WATCH and REPORT.

From JULY 12 to the present date of AUGUST 10, 2017 based on Orange County Sheriff’s crime statistics listed on the OCSO web site we have had 6 reported residential burglaries. One in the 2xxxx block of MACON, One in the 19xxxx block of RALSTON, One in the 19xxxx block of PEABODY, One in the 2xxxx block of QUINELLA, One in the 23xx block of ALABASTER and One in the 6300 block of DALLAS. We also had a Commercial Burglary in the 3100 block of CAVALIER (roofing material and a generator).

Not a single phone call to me regarding the events by the victims. As a result I have no additional information regarding method of entry or items taken. Additionally we had two auto burglaries One in the 24xx block of Abalone, One in the 20200 block of MELVILLE and a couple tire issues one on Macon and one on Ballard. And lastly a report of a drive by shooting in the vicinity of NETTLETON and DALLAS.

I am certain that we have had other crimes that have not made it to the web site nor have the victims called me as I have requested. The Alabaster burglary resulted in an arrest because neighbors called OCSO. I did receive 2 phone calls, one described 3 boys with back packs karate kicking a mail box and one describing 2 boys/young adults trespassing in a back yard with intent to access the patio until they discovered the owner in the pool. They left quickly and got in a small grey vehicle. This call was reported to OCSO as all should be at the time of occurrence and then and only then a call to me at (407) 679-6644 and that is (24/7).

When I am asked about who and how regarding our Burglaries I respond with as follows: I am of the opinion that they are happening during the day and as far as method of entry based on reports of several incidents of young Spanish speaking individuals ringing the door bell and asking for someone that does not live there if the bell is answered. I am assuming that if no one answers they go around and break in the back of the home. I cannot get any more information from OCSO as I have asked and no response.

On a different note Helen and I delivered HOA signs to the recent new members and we were appalled by the number of homes and mail boxes that had no numbers. Not good if OCSO or the fire department needs to find them. Please take a look at your home from the street and be sure you can be found. On a happy note EVELYN RODRIGUEZ PEREZ continues to keep our Wedgefield NHW Face Book page neighborly and smooth running with 1,597 MEMBERS with several in the Que.

Now let us all be good neighbors and make the effort to be observant and take appropriate action “SEE SOMETHING – SAY SOMETHING” To report a crime in progress, fire or medical emergency Dial 911.

The number to report suspicious activity or a crime committed Dial 407-836-HELP (4357). After dialing the appropriate OCSO Number THEN PHIL UNSER at 407-679-6644 (24hrs)