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Latest information on Healthcare – Q&A

1.  AFFORDABLE CARE ACT:  Open enrollment closed 01/31/2017. There are still special elections available. Plese Contact me to see if you qualify for a SEP. Next open enrollment starts 11/01/2017 to 12/15/2017.

2.  MEDICARE:  Anyone aging into Medicare for the first time has three months before the month of and three months after their birth month to enroll in a Medicare supplement or a Medicare. Medicare also has special elections. Contact me to see if you have a SEP.

Do you have life insurance?
Do you have the old life insurance or the new life insurance?
If your family depends on your income to survive, life insurance provides this protection. People are living longer so the newer life insurance products are less costly than the older policies.

Thomas Walyus, Wedgefield Resident
Licensed for health and live insurance
Phone: (407) 766-4780