WELCOME TO WEDGEFIELD - A Deed Restricted Community

Keeping Our Community Nice

One part of having pride in community is keeping our properties neat and clean.  The County has weekly garbage, recyclable, and yard waste pick up service.  Don’t place junk at the street just because you’re cleaning out your garage; if it will fit the roll cart then please do so.  Sometimes we need to dispose of large items that won’t fit in the roll cart.  Placing items at the street doesn’t mean the County is automatically going to pick up those items; you must notify the County to schedule pick up.  This can be accomplished via phone call or email.  407-836-6601 or Solid. Waste@ocfl.net.  Include your name, street address, contact information, and the item(s) that you want collected.  It’s that easy.
Using the roll carts:
Place at the curb no earlier than 6:00 p.m. the night before.
Put away emptied carts on the same day as pick up.
Separate them by three feet and keep away from mailbox, parked cars, and low-hanging tree limbs.
The handles must face your house.