WELCOME TO WEDGEFIELD - A Deed Restricted Community


We did it together. This year’s severe drought was scary and many communities suffered catastrophic damage. Thankfully, Wedgefield was not a victim of a large wildfire this season. Appreciation to all who adhered to the Orange County Burn Ban and conveyed to neighbors how critically dry we were. Our KBDI reached over 700 this spring, which was similar to 1998. Nice to be in the rainy season, although we could all do without the lightning.
Since we can’t control environmental conditions, like drought, we all need to take the initiative to “firewise” our homes and prepare an evacuation plan for our families. The theory of Defensible Space, as defined by Newman’s Book is “a residential environment whose physical characteristics’ function to allow inhabitants themselves to become key agents in ensuring their security”. Most Firewise concepts are relatively inexpensive and can make the difference in your home’s survival. Here’s a list of the most effective actions you can take:
• Remove dead fuel from roof and gutters and any dead fuels on grounds of the home, outbuildings, and wood fences.
• Screen soffits that have openings into attic.
• A 30-foot buffer is desirable, if next to wooded area.
• Store flammable fuels away from ignition sources.
• Make sure your home’s address is clearly marked and allows access for emergency vehicles.
• Have dependable hoses around home, especially longer
length hoses for zones adjacent to wooded areas.
Firewise video examples are posted on our Facebook page. If you need assistance or ideas to ensure your home is “firewise”, we are here to help. Post questions to Wedgefield Firewise’s Facebook page. If you are already firewise, please consider helping neighbors or work together on larger projects. Many elderly residents may need help with labor and becoming “firewise”.

Firewise together!
Gail Wilds

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