WELCOME TO WEDGEFIELD - A Deed Restricted Community


The Yard of the Month is to inspire Wedgefield Community residents to maintain attractive and appealing yards throughout the year.


Well, the last Yard of the Month for this season has been chosen.

The Wedgefield Garden Club extended our award season one month due to the hurricane. Carmen and Arthur Brown’s property at 2794 Babbitt was chosen by the judges!

The lawn is very well manicured as well as the palms, trees and plants. There is color in everything. The beds in the front of the house and the sides of the driveway have many blooming plants as well as many palms and trees, such as knock-out-roses, Bird of Paradise, Vinca, Brown-eyed Susans, colorful Mums, Crown of Thorns, Crotons, Yucca and Hibiscus. There are a variety of beautiful and well-maintained palms and a Magnolia tree to complete the picture.

The Brown’s moved from Germany where they were in the military and State Department and have resided in Wedgefield since 2004. They have been married for 40 years and enjoy their tandem bike and walking (husband).

Honorable mentions are 2530 Alabaster, 2572 Ballard, 2652 Abbey and 20575 Nettleton.