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County Commission Meeting Notes Regarding Pluris Water Takeover


What to expect when you attend an Orange County Commision meeting…notes from Wedgefield resident Cliff Turk
On Nov 4 at 9 AM we attended the meeting to discuss an alternative water discussion with the Orange County Commission which consists of the Mayor, Vice Mayor, and area commissioners…including Commissioner Emily Bonilla who represents Wedgefield. DID YOU KNOW YOU COULD HAVE ATTENDED? The answer is YES, and it was quite an experience. Several Wedgefield residents also attended. We were given 3 minutes each to voice our opinions. I urge you to attend every meeting. You may have heard of “Strength in Numbers”, it strongly applies to this situation. Arrive early to sign-up and allow yourself time to get your bearings. Meeting place: 201 S. Rosalind Ave., downstairs at The Orange County Administration Building. Early birds get a free parking space and be sure to bring some notes with you in the likely event you get distracted with everything going on around you. At first, the commissioners were unsure of how to proceed especially the Mayor. She stated more than once that “it’s only about the community’s current water costs, and she feels that even if OCU manages the water, Wedgefield residents would still be unhappy” We all know that this is not the case. While we are livid over the rate hike proposed, we are also looking to our elected officials to help us with this ongoing injustice. Think about this scenario…We do not trust Pluris. They have been shown to hide their outages or problems on many occasions. Only then taking a reactive approach in fixing rather than a proactive approach to make it better. Let’s face it our problem has been many years in the making, but having new utility management with fresh eyes and ideas could make a substantial difference. As Pluris customers, we need to ALL voice the positive reasons why OCU should continue with their study. It’s not just about cost but about the health and economic future for us all. Orange County Engineers have stated that they can and will devise a plan to bring our costs down. However, before performing any of the due-diligence
that needs to to be done, they must have the commission’s approval first. We need your help to make this happen by coming to the Board of Commissioners meetings that will be coming up (please check website for dates). If you cannot attend a meeting, please consider sending an email or making a phone call to each Commissioner. This study will die if our community does not participate. Many of you have seen me knocking on doors to get the signatures needed to move forward with this study. This has not been easy for me, day in and day out since July, working 8 hours or more per day. However, each morning when heading out I was so excited. YES, I can make a difference and the county will make this happen for us, and I must continue to do my part. We did get the numbers…In fact, we SURPASSED them! I must say… Our team placed many petitions on your doors with instructions for return delivery to please bring to our committee lead Connie West at 2266 Baker street. We even came to your homes to pick up the signed petitions…I ASK YOU…DID YOU PARTICIPATE? IT IS NOT TOO LATE!!! GET THEM SIGNED! Every signed petition, email sent, phone call made and meeting attended is going to help us succeed in getting #Plurisout. I want to thank each and every one of you for your participation. I will be there on November 24th! Will You? Respectfully, Cliff Turk 321-223-7141


Theresa Jacobs | Mayor@ocfl.net

Betsy VanderLey | district1@ocfl.net

Bryan Nelson | district2@ocfl.net

Pete Clarke | district3@ocfl.net

Jennifer Thompson | district4@ocfl.net

Emily Bonilla | district5@ocfl.net

Victoria P. Siplin | district6@ocfl.net