WELCOME TO WEDGEFIELD - A Deed Restricted Community


Wedgefield Fire RescueSix years ago Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs asked the residents of the county to “Adopt a Fire Station”. She asked that they show their appreciation to the men and women for protecting us and keeping us safe. She pointed out that they work hard and selflessly to keep our communities safe. At that time, Wedgefield had one fire truck and a small crew.

The ladies in the Red Hat Club stepped up and prepared a Christmas feast. WHOA and Fire Wise presented two wreaths for the door of the home that was converted into a Fire Station. The crew purchased a tree but had no decorations so some residents gave them decorations for the tree, including a fire truck ornament.

The next year and every one since the residents have joined the Red Hat ladies and prepared a favorite Christmas dish for presentation on Christmas Eve.

Our station has grown over the past six years. We now have a Fire Truck, Tanker Truck and a Rescue Vehicle (ambulance). The crew has grown from 2 teams of 4 to 3 teams of 6 personnel to support the equipment. Our crew has reached and maintained the top certification which lowers the costs of our insurance.

This year we will again provide a Christmas meal and we are asking the residents of Wedgefield to help make it special. We know that one crew will work on Christmas Eve and then be relieved by another crew on Christmas Day so we need lots of food.

All that want to join this wonderful effort can call Helen Unser (407) 568-9659 or e-mail punser@cfl.rr.com. Let’s make this a huge Thank You to our outstanding Protectors.