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6 Keys to Having a Positive Day!

Let’s face it, we all want to live our days with peace, happiness and good health! But like any project we work on, it does require a bit of effort, structure and dedication.

A smooth, harmonious and joyful day can all begin with how we start our mornings. If we wake up with only enough time to get dressed and ready, eat a quick-unhealthy meal and leave little to no time to connect with ourselves, we are starting our day on the wrong foot. We are entering that day with anxiety, heaviness and extreme lack of presence and peace.

But following these six simple steps can help eliminate this possibility!

1. Don’t hit the snooze button on the alarm!
When we hit the snooze button, especially repeatedly, this confuses signals in our brain and leads to a groggy, heavy head and body. Also, be sure to set the alarm the night before, keeping in mind the amount of time you need for your morning routine.

2. Give yourself at least 15 to 30 mins of stretching.
A recommended morning yoga routine is the sun salutation; it is performed with gratitude of the sun and all its beautiful qualities. This ancient routine not only energizes and brightens up your being, but is also great for weight loss, strengthening the body and giving a significant boost to all the bodily systems. At least six to twelve rounds are recommended and can be performed in a short amount of time.

3. Sit and connect with the breath.
While seated in a comfortable meditative position, take long, slow and deep breaths. The breath is the bridge between the mind and the body, so calm them through the breath, and unite the three. Feel your completeness, power, peace and presence.

4. Sit for 15 to 30 mins in meditation.
After your breathing practice, just be the witness and watch the breath. Watch the rising and falling of the belly and let it lead you into stillness. Feel the quietness, feel the inner peace, feel yourself. As you come out of the meditation, listen to the sounds of the birds welcoming you to this new day, and feel grateful for this peaceful morning.

5. Shower and be present.
While in the shower, step out of mind and step into now! Become alert to all actions and sensations; especially bringing full awareness to the impact of the water. Fully enjoy every moment of this shower and be nowhere else.

6. Eat an energy packed, healthy breakfast.
To have an energy filled day, we need an energy packed breakfast! To flow and move freely through our day, the last thing we need is a heavy and unhealthy meal dragging us down. Make sure the meal is light, balanced and full. Oatmeal with a little bit of honey and fruit on the side is the perfect meal to kick off the day!

Always remember, take the time to honor yourself every morning by bringing awareness to your mind, body and soul; uniting them together and entering the day whole, peacefully, balanced and happy!

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